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You can setup your kodi with a very nice build with tons of plugins and addons, you can watch tons of videos, movies and TV Channels

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Setup For Kodi has everything you need to get your newly installed KODI setup and running in no time! All of the builds and addons are free to download, and easy to use. No strings attached!

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Our app makes super easy to install builds.

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You can use this app as much as want, everything is free.

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We keep builds updated to keep things fresh.

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We made this app with lots of love, just for you

Steps To Install Build

1. Install Kodi

You have to install Kodi first from Play Store. If you already have it installed on your device. You can leave this step. You can download Kodi from Play Store on this Link

2. Install Setup For Kodi

You need to install the Setup For Kodi app. You can download it from here After installation open the app from your home screen.

3. Choose Device Type

After opening Setup for Kodi you will see a screen asking to choose your device type. Please choose your device accordingly. Choose TV or Tablet if your are running app on it else you can simply choose mobile.

4. Open Builds (For Mobile Users)

You should be seeings now a tile saying Kodi Builds. Please click on it and then go to next step.

5. Choose a build

You should be seeings a list of builds available. Like Durex, Misfit Build etc. Choose any one of them you wish to isntall.

6. Wait For Installation

You should be seeings now a message with download percentage. At this time build is downloading on your device, so you should wait for it to complete. After download finishes, it will begin installation of the build. This may take a while 2 Mins - 10 Mins depending on build size and your device type.

7. Installation Complete

You will see a message saying installation is complete.Once it is complete, you can see there is a button says open kodi please click on it and kodi will open and you should see newly installed build.

In case of Error

If you see any error while installation you can reach out to us and send us, screenshot and error message you are seeing on our email and we will be very happy to help you.

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